Solve your staff turnover troubles with one small change.  

Make your team happier, healthier and more likely to stay in the industry (and their current job) by planning shifts ahead.


Of hospitality workers have plans to quit their current job.

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Hospitality’s Turnover Troubles
The Burnt Chef Project

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The Burnt Chef Project
Hospitality’s Turnover Troubles

Something has to shift to keep great people in the hospitality industry.


Of workers are given a week or less notice of their next shift pattern.


Have experienced symptoms of poor mental health over the last 12 months.


Think more notice of rotas would improve their life

What is The Single Biggest Shift?

The Single Biggest Shift is our campaign for forward planning and for life. Advance visibility into schedules improves teams’ lives. They can make plans with loved ones, develop skills and relax. Better insight into take-home pay improves their financial health, helping them better control their living costs.

Planing rotas ahead creates happier, healthier teams, who are more developed as humans – and more likely to stay in the industry.

It’s the small change that delivers big results. It’s easy. It saves time, and it’s free.

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How DiningSix Group made The Single Biggest Shift with Planday

At high season, Planday helps DiningSix Group plan up to two months ahead. We sat with the group’s Country Manager, Jeppe Bjerre, to find out how they do it.

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